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Wellfleet Road Race '04 - Random Pictures
Race time coincided with low tide so the shellfishermen were out tending their grants.
Deep in thought 'Do I really want to run this thing?"
Pre race prep for the younger set
Cheering runners on
Reporter Mike Iacuessa interviews the winner Matt Taylor as Kyle Doran of North Attleboro (and Tufts) looks on.
After running she still goes through her yoga routine. Could this be "Sun Salutation?"
When an irresistible force meets an immovable object.
"Man, this is pretty boring!"
"I stole his hat"
As the tide heads in a sailboat heads out. This is one of the most scenic start/finish lines on the Cape.
"Who's not pedaling back there?"
"Ethan. This will help you slip through the crowd at the start."
See ya later - bye.