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Osterville - Set 3
One runner strays to the side to cool off before the finish
Brooke Nentwig  (32:37) was pleased with her 10th place finish
This is about as crowded as it gets at the finish. Runners were strung out evenly.
Kelly Erhard (#182-95th -36:02) and Alex Straley (#88-96th-36:03)
Peter Brooks (#150-107th-37:02), Paul Muller (#214-109th-37:09) and Alison Bentley (#57-108th-37:06)
Jill Lyon with a winner's smile
Tara Keramaty (#41-45:21) enters the chute. *Note the race shirt worn by the chute attendants.
Patrick McEvoy of NY,NY discusses the race with Marcia Vandervoort and Susan Kingston, both of Osterville.
Osterville's favorite runner Sean Doherty (2nd place-22:44) is bracketed by friends.
Eugene Ciccarelli (pictured in rear - #27) is one of four runners in the race over the age of 70. He ran 48:04.
Fans and runners peruse the results
Tom Nally (29:52) gets his award.
The race awards were 3 deep in each age-group plus plaques for the overall winners.