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Osterville - Set 2
Mark Fuller Jr. (29) and Andrew Haskell (67)
The Spitler crew gets ready at the finish line chute
Kevin Gray is all alone at the finish
Running 22:27
James Tosca chases Geof Newton over the last 50 meters
And recovers after nipping Newton at the finish for third place
Jason Lyon places 7th
Kevin Cutts places 8th overall and second in his age group.
Fred Palmer is 10th overall and 3rd in the 30-39 age group
Mike Sellars is 11th overall and 3rd in the 40-49 group
Steven Santos (11th overall-27:20)
Jill Lyon (1st woman - 28:50)
Alison Byland22nd overall-2nd woman - 29:45) She could see Jill Lyon most of the way but " I knew she was strong and I wasn't going to go out as fast as she did. I was happy with my finish."

Tom Nally (#64-23rd-29:52-2nd in the 50-59 age group)

Rob Fessler (#145-24th-29:54)

Stephanie Power (3rd woman-27th overall-30:38-1st in the 19-29 age group)