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Falmouth '04 - Set 1
I joined the coaching duo of Mark Young and John Babbington for this year's Falmouth Road Race. Mark's runners, Kate and Laura O'Neill are among the favorites. John coached Lynn Jennings the year she won Falmouth and set a course record. The plan was to follow the same route John followed that year. We met early and he pulled out the same map - yellow highlights etc. - and gave Mark and I the game plan. Then we headed off on bikes to the 1.74M mark.
John pulled out the same map he used the year Lynn Jenning won and explains where we will be riding.
Here we met some loyal fans
Coming back to this spot certainly brought back memories for Coach Babbington (second from right).
Mark (L) and John (R) wait for the runners to come through.
The wheelchairs come through first.
Then come the lead vehicles with the runners close behind.
The lead pack is nearly all Kenyan. At this point Kate was third and Laura was in the top eight.
The next stop was at just over three miles. We got there just in time to watch the lead men go by. Here is one of the American runners.
Eric Nadeau was a surprise entry for me, having just watched him run well a few weeks ago in the Olympic Trials 1500M. He also ran the Falmouth mile the night before.
The lead woman came through . . .
Closely followed by Elva Dryer and Kate. Kate was 11 seconds off the leader at this point.
While Laura has moved up to 5th for women.
Mark yells encouragement to Kate who is only 5.5 seconds off the leader nearing Falmouth Heights.
2004 Olympians Kate and Elva at the finish.
Laura is escorted by meet director.