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Falmouth Road Race '07
The elite athletes get ready
Emily and Matt were in the elite warm-up area and were surprised when I showed up. "How'd you get in here?" they asked. "Nobody said I couldn't!" was the answer.
Waiting for the start.
Matt takes his spot on the press truck.
The lead pack at 1.75 miles.
Emily has her rhythm at 3.25 miles.
With just over a mile to go Emily takes a bead on the runner ahead. The fans kept yelling "Go Ari, Go Ari" to the girl in front. Em took this as a sign that the girl must be special so didn't pass right away. Turns out the runner was local.
Em's all smiles after her race.
Falmouth brings huge crowds including nearly 11,000 runners.
Em and Laura O'Neill talk with Mark Young, their coach at Yale.
Dwight, Emily and Arlene back at the Kimbia house.
Emily and Matt.