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Falmouth '05
John Carroll gets ready to start the wheelchair division.
They're off
While the non-elite runners wait in the paddock . . .
the low numbers warm up.
Boston Billy before the start
Laura laces up her shoes before the start. She was 8th woman overall.
A group gets a birds-eye view early in the race.
Fellow bike riders Mark Young and John Babbington wait for the leaders to come through. We follow the routine John used when he coached Lynn Jennings to victory here. We met the lead runners at 1.5, 3.2, 5.5 and the finish.
The lead truck . . .
followed by the lead runners.
Here are the lead runners at just over three miles.
The second pack startes to spread out.
Two elite women
Four-time Falmouth winner Lornah Kiplagat has a commanding lead with less than two miles to go.
Jess Blake (219) was one of the many North Attleboro alumni to run.
Coach Patrick Sweeney rests his feet.
While others look for a more pro-active form of recovery.
Poland Springs was one of the sponsors giving out free product. After a hot ride that was my second stop - the first being a rush to the finish line to watch Laura
It wasn't easy to find people in this crowd.
There was planned live entertainment.
And some unplanned.
Laura relays one of the funny parts of the race . . .

Then poses with Mark and some present Yale athletes.

From Left - Mark Young, Laura O'Neill, Lindsay Donaldson, Meredith Leenhouts and Cara Kiernan